Founded in 1997 by Pedro Reis and Dolly Jacobs, Circus Sarasota is a not-for-profit performing arts educational organization. Circus Sarasota is committed to broadening the artistic contribution of circus, while raising the level and perception of the American Circus to that of the other fine arts.

Known as the "Circus Capital of the World," Sarasota now claims its own one-ring, five star international circus. The presence of circus as an institution and its artists as individual citizens has contributed substantially to the cultural richness and diversity, which is now synonymous with the Sarasota area.

Circus Sarasota continues and expands this legacy by providing programs at the highest level through education, human serviceand the performing arts. Circus Sarasota performs its mission by... 1. Engaging and encouraging students of all ages. 2. Improving the quality of life for individuals in institutionalized settings. 3. Presenting quality circus performances as an affordable family event.